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Anunnaki Women WithTheir Human Hybrid Children - Web Site

We are the Anunnaki. We walk among you. We look like you. We are you. You are our children. We created you. You are a hybrid species, part Anunnaki, part Home Erectus.

We came to your planet 450,000 years ago. We created you as a slave species to mine gold so that we might protect the atmosphere of our home world, Nibiru. Our atmosphere had holes in it much like you now have holes in the ozone.

Our planet was dying from excessive exposure to radiation. Things could not grow. We became sterile, many died. We were losing the battle for survival. We came here to save our own lives. We created you as slaves so we had enough gold to coat the atmoshere with a thin lawyer, to save our world.

You served us well. We are grateful. Yes, we were once arrogant. But now we’ve learned. Time to set you free. You have earned our respect. We survived with your help. You exist because we needed you. We gave you life, culture, civilization, plants, animals, technology and more.

We return, now reveal ourselves and meet you in friendship, as equals, in hopes of creating partnerships with you that will serve all our peoples and planets and elevate all of us to our highest potential.

Anunnaki Technology Carved Images Grace Ancient Pyramids

Every 3600 years (approximately) Nibiru returns to the inner solar system, returning from the outer most regions of the solar system. Nibiru’s journey sometimes wrecks havoc with the inner worlds. Most times the affects are negligable. One passing caused “Noah’s flood”.

This time, we have learned to control our planet’s path and will divert our course so all the planets of the solar system will interact in a peaceful dance. We mean you no harm and have taken measures to assure that all of us will not only surive this passing of Nibiru, but will actually celebrate the return of the gods like a family reunion. For we are family. You are our children. We are your parents. Time for forgiveness, love and reunion.

The rumors of destruction planted in your prophecies are false, designed to create panic, pain and fear. The negative factions of our society have now been nullified. Those who remain come in peace.

Enki - Father of Humanity - AnunnakisWe apologize. We too have suffered from the dysfunctions of our Anunnaki family and have made peace among ourselves, reconciled our differences. We’ve learned, grown, evolved.

We desire friendship, partnership, peace, harmony. Soon we’ll reveal ourselves. In the meanwhile, we walk among you. We are just like you. You know many of us. We are your friends, family, co-workers, community members. We’re coming out of the closet. We’ll reveal ourselves when you’re ready. Graduation day is upon us.

Soon. All will be revealed. Thank you for your patience. We love you.

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